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6 Jun

Three Reasons Why Your Salary Is Not Enough

If you’ve ever felt like the income you’re earning is not enough to meet all your needs, you are not alone. This is the plight of millions of people all over the country. It may seem hard to believe but even those who have six figure incomes sometimes admit that they feel like their pay check falls short of their real needs.

While everyone’s financial circumstances are different the reasons, our salaries are just not enough (regardless of how much we earn) can be narrowed down to a few factors. We look at three of these.

Your salary is too small

The most common reason your salary is not enough is simply because you do not earn enough money. The sad reality is that many people are underpaid, and if you find yourself in this predicament you have three options. You can discuss the possibility of a raise with your employer, find a better job or create an additional source of income.

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Your lifestyle costs keep rising

The truth of the matter is that your lifestyle costs rise as life happens. As your family grows and your needs change the amount of money you need to finance your lifestyle goes up. School fees, entertainment costs, tax increases and other miscellaneous monthly costs can add up, especially if you are spending more than you save.

You don’t have a budget

Regardless of how much you earn, everyone should have a budget. Knowing exactly what you spend your money on can help you gain clarity and control over any haphazard spending habits. There’s nothing wrong with spending on the things you love so treat yourself every now and then but exercise control especially during the months you have a scheduled treat.

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